Thursday, November 24, 2011

Show at Laman Santai ,Istana Budaya ,Kuala Lumpur ,Malaysia.(19 Nov 2011)

 Laman Santai will held an every saturday show,which taken place outside of Istana Budaya.
This 'free show' was purposely to promote Istana Budaya as Multi Culture & one stop entertainment besides their Grand stage,Concerts ,Theater & many more inside the building.

so this time,it's Dior's turn after he went back from Korea,promoting his song & performance song which he sang in Korea.
other artists involved was Dina Malaysian Idol, Ali Anugerah & Ellisan Tan. accompanied by dancers from Convolvulus Performing Arts & Culture(CPAC).

Dior list of song:

Mujogun 무조건 (Korean Trot)

1.Mujogun 무조건 (Korean Trot)...accompanied by my Duo dancers.

.Sampai Ke Lantai (with guest Participation)
2.Sampai Ke Lantai (with guest Participation)

Hari Demi Hari feat Ellisan Tan

3.Hari Demi Hari feat Ellisan Tan

Thanks to BabyNurulain for the pictures, Anna Sanchez for the video & bringing more crowd frm her family, Sharifah & Family, Elfie Hefni & Friend , Norlin & friend , Adik Solbi & Ejan...Thnx so much for coming & supporting my show..Dior Love you all!!!

Dior - Mujogun @ Laman Santai 19.11.2011 (Not Full) .video by BabyDioratic:
Nobody - The Convolvulus by BabyDioratic:

Convolvulus Performing Arts & Culture (CPAC) dance to Zapin..Malaysian Traditional Dance
Oh Yeah...salsa dance
others who came..THNX!!!
Malaysian Singer: Elfie Hefni
Kak Korean language classmate & family.
KakAnna,my PR & her husband & cousins
K.Nur , events important..Tauke Panggung.
Ms.BabyNurulAin on my asstnt & photoghrapher.TQ .i lap u lah.
Ellisan Tan,Malaysian Chinese Artist/singer with an album in hand. Duet Hari Demi Hari song with Dior.
& others that i should mention who came ,but  didnt hv their pic together was Hilmy Ashley(BERNAMA newscaster ) & KakNorlin.

Yours sincerely, DIOR 디요

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