Monday, November 16, 2009

luv the comment frm Wanie's my statement for everyone.

Wanie Wunny
Wanie Wunny
wah,pls let the kpop thingy stays*puppy eyes*
wanie wuz so mesmerised 1st saw yer perfomancer,wuz lyk,omg malaysian also got dbsk hotties:o
i'm not really into malaysian song,i listen toit tho,
but i'm more kpop addicted:P
soo pls keep it kpoping:D
lolzXD blieve me,if yer keep it up the way,yer name might expand to asian length,asian gals are sooo into kpop n jpop thingy!tats a guarantee;]
btw,had any idea of gd aka g-dragon?man!i loooove tat kpop aside of shinee,big bang,dbsk,they r smexy n their hot music wif mesmerising dance*melted*

anyways,keep it up dior!
wanie's always ruling fer yer!
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Dior (Shahril Shaari)
Dior (Shahril Shaari)
thnx 4 d comment wanie...did u mean my performance of Mengharap sinar at semifinal AJL 2008,tv3?hehe...i'm addicted to MIROTIC that time,thats y i inject some of their energy&dance to the performance.thnx 4 still believe in Local talent like me.yes,i'm in a mission to expand my wings to Korea&Taiwan.i try to get some support frm here 1st.

GDragon?oh,he is so Talented!u know what...i've been thinking,if i had a chance to be in a big show in TV3...i'm gonna do my outlook just like him.gosh...i wish to....

btw,i've got my own fan club named DIORATIC.most of them are KPOPers.hope u can join our next event,ya.keep ur eyes on this site....the admin will update to everyone here.u take care Wanie.
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