Wednesday, November 25, 2009

TCE's new artist: Seung J

Nantikan kemunculan album single Seung J pada Januari 2010.......bertajuk PERGI!

Artist : Seung J
Make-up : Iffie
Photographer : GBK Team
Studio : Serindit Photo Studio

new studio pics by Team GBK

Artist : Dior
Makeup: Iffie
Wardrobe: Dior Collections
Photographer : GBK Team

Dior -Takut Sengsara/Jatuh Bangun@Hujung Minggu Malaysia,TV1(part1)

Monday, November 23, 2009

new upload vid:@Hujung Minggu Malaysia,TV1

Dior with Taznim&Steven Hujung Minggu Malaysia Interview,TV1(part2)

Dior-Medley ALJAR(Al-Jihad Al-Akhbar) & Mengharap Sinar@Hujung Minggu Malaysia,TV1(part3)

Saturday, November 21, 2009

finding members(boys only) for new KPOP group in Malaysia.

Date:Nov 21, 2009 4:53 AMSubject:finding members(boys only) for new KPOP group in Malaysia.Body:hi guys...i'm in a mission to establish a band with maybe 5 members.its going to be like KPOP group,but malaysian version.
if u hv friends to suggest,please send his demo/video over youtube/​anything that support to my mail:


i need boys age after spm-30yrs
stay in/near kl
can sing,​dance,​have a look/package.

if u dont hv ani ideas what is KPOP...the example is in this Video:

21/11/09-Hang out with Hilmy Ashley-TimesSquare,Sg.Wang,Selayang.

Hil&Dior.we had shopping a lot...u just c this plastic bag at the beginning.

me in 1 of my favourite top

27/5/09-Richado(TCE's sabah artist) playing saxaphone in Kelab pop,Astro.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

more comment from wanie...

Wanie Wunny
Wanie Wunny
well,i 1st saw yer in perfomance in tat only then i no u,coz i din realy pay attention to local scene,opsXD back then in high school i do watch the wave but now,movin to college n work at the same time,i think i got lost in the kpop wve,lolXD

MIROTIC's MIRACULOUS! i love it the most,i got many dbsk mv,n their dance n song never fails to mesmerise me,ther's tis event too when they sang aftur they win tis award,n rain even sang with them,other singers too stands up n sang,meanin their song is accepted widely,even to japan,n whole asian,even out of asian!oh my! korean scene in singin is juz fabulous! i wanna go ther sum day,lolzXD

n yah,btw,i saw yer mix mv of SHINee's replay dance version wif yer song,lolzXD thumbs up! put in in my blog,n my korean frens said yer voice wuz unique n they lyk yer style too;] see?

great!i can see yer had yer cirlce of fanz already,with lots of great deals ahead;]
its gonna be bigger by times rite;] chayo!

gah!yer know him too:o he's great,i luv him the most,lyk he started of young wif YG's entertainment b4 formin a group wif BigBang which is a phenomena too! N now's he's back in single version,which is more GD-geous!

tell yer wut,if it happens,yer gonna be great! Tat's fer sure;]
i havent see malaysian version of GD!hwaiting!
yer have my support sunbae;]

fighting oh!btw, think i joined it already,yerpurs! take care too sunbae^__^
Mon at 11:22am · Delete
Dior 티요
Dior 티요
thnx 4 d long comment...sunbae...hehe...1st time ppl calling me that....take care ya.
2 minutes ago · Delete

Dior's Fan page Badges(facebook)...lets add.

Monday, November 16, 2009

my Ed Hardy's catwalk show

on catwalking
my pose
the menu fr the day
on reheasal

coffee before get ready

do catwalk for Charity by Ed Hardys.

Irma's Engagement....wait for the upload ya.

Dior&Irma....going to upload other picture frm her event soon.
i love this pic...taken last night.snap by Jenny Bib.wait for other pics also ya.

my new hair colour.

here's my new hair...not blonde yet....just make it a bit lighter....