Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Karnival Sukaneka Mesra Rakyat PDRM-Kota Tinggi 10th May09

the time MC announce top 11 & the other 15 hv to go back...really pity to watch their face.many of the doesnt come frm Kota Tinggi,but around Johor,such as JB,Kluang...i would say,it's far.
the main stage
the most eye cathching & make the crowd topsy turvy...his name is Dewi Sandra...sing Ziana Zain song i think.!
Dior & Indah Ruhaila...snap frm her phone when we had our lunch...i really love this pic...i think i look good.hehe.
Aesar Mustafa Performance for Digi Celebriteen.
Dior & Farah Asyikin
Aesar Mustafa&Dior
D judges for PDRM's Karaoke Contest..Intan(Ketua Judge yer),Farah Asyikin,Indah Ruhaila&Dior.
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