Tuesday, May 26, 2009

25/5-Dinner@The Garden ,One Utama.

before we go back,Kakweina treat me with a Dinnr @The Garden....oh..feels so good.i still remember Farah Asyikin's mom told me taht...wah...Dior ni classy yer(cez we're talk about how passion i am in drinking Herb tea).what u see now is  im sipping my  Hot Pink Rose tea with Honey.I love & Appreciate Tea & Coffee.actually my favourite Tea would be Earl Grey with Honey.Anyone?

Here's Kakweina eating Congee.We had Congee & Pasta Aglio .Both nce!

Here's the Congee Condiment & u see the special Tea pot  there...it's so compliment our Dinner in the Garden concept 
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