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Friday, October 24, 2014

Hijri 1436 #MaalHijrah from Dior

Masa doa lepas solat jumaat tadi,berlinang airmata...

At last of year
Thanx to those who hated me, they made me a stronger person.
Thanx to those who loved me.
they made my heart bigger.
Thanx to those who were worried about me.
They let me know that they cared about me,
thanx to those who left me, thay made merelaized that nothing lasts forever.
Thanx to those who entered my life & never left, they made me know who i am .and at last i Apologize to them who think that i Hurt them.

As Year 1435 is gonna be an End
And We’ll Enter in New Year
With New Hopes and Plans
Let‘s Pray to Allah for
A Blessed and Wonderful
New Year with Peace and
All our Dreams Come True
Happy New Islamic Year 1436


#Hijri1436 #Hijrah1436 #MaalHijrah

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