Friday, May 10, 2013

Muslim in Cambodia

I just passby few #Muslim #Mosque near #TonLeSap River while on my way to #SiamRiep. Muslim population in Cambodia are sharing 5% with others,while #Buddism took 95% population in #Cambodia. While #Kompong means #Port in #KHMER .#Kampung means #Village in #Bahasa .

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Show Luo-Over The Limit 2013 World Live Tour at Genting Highland, Malaysia 3rd May 2013

Done with #showLuo. #LuoZiXiang #Concert in #GentingHighland .Fabulous!!! Love the song selection,Performance,Music&Especially the #Outfit !

Friday, May 3, 2013

Dior 디오 & Ani Maiyuni Collabration

To all Dior 디오 & Ani Maiyuni Fans...don't forget to stay tune with us.
..cez i gonna deliver my Own Song title 'BURUANMU' in Electro Reggaeton duet with Ani Maiyuni (kwon as Dangdut singer) that will be an OST 'BALUN' film that will be screening soon.

The song is about a guy who love this girl secretly but in Ego to get the girl.U should listen to the song soon & Amaze with Rafikoncept arrangement on the song. An International penetration i would say.

Ani Maiyuni has been chosen as she have a sleek sexy voice which have given a sensation through out the song & Ani Maiyuni attemp this time totally diffrent image than before.

I would rather say this's Our Comback. Stay tune!!!