Monday, August 27, 2012

Thnx for coming to Dior's Open House 2012 26/8/12

Thnx to popular Boy Band: POP! who came by....
Visit from Multi Races: Korean, Caucasian, Chinese & Malay. some are Models, Celebrity: Hilmy Ashley (BERNAMA TV Newscaster) , Singer: Frank Scott Hew , Famous Blogger: Hannef .
Thanx to Supporters : Sherliza, Diraf,Faezah,CikSayang & Kelly from GITULAH KELLY! who came by.
i would say the 1st reason for doing this Open House because of Chio's mom visit from Korea..glad them come!
Dior with Guest: EDITORs from UTUSAN Group: Johar & Huzz
Brian Lee: Open house has always been used as a symbol which shows that the nation is living in harmony. It is nice to see people from different races celebrating their respective festivities with each other like Dior's Open House where got Chinese, Korean, English and others coming together as one big happy family ^_^

Yours sincerely, DIOR 디요
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