Monday, July 9, 2012

From Mimi MyStar LG to AISHA Bintang RTM.

I've been invited  to recent singing Reality show called Bintang RTM (already 40 years on existence) in Angkasapuri for Channel RTM TV1.It's a live show.
as usual BRTM known for the Contestant quality especially in doubt all finalist sang very well.Congrats RTM on a maintain great production. Clap Clap...

The winner who got Rm20,000 plus a CAR & also won popular choice that give her another easy Rm5,000 is Aisha!!! Congrats !!!!

Aisha wasn't new in this Entertainment line..i have done a show in Rompin, Pahang few years back, which i already forgot(thanks to Aisha family for the remind)..hehhhe. at that time she was known as
 Mimi MyStar LG (
because she had start jump on that TV show 1st , but i know her since she & other few artist(which not yet an artist that time) like Iqwal , Leez & few more , from My Friend Corner(our Karaoke/practice place-very Havoc).

Aisha / Mimi wasn't so lucky when she has to step out on that My Star LG show. Now she's in BINTANG RTM 2012, where quality is the 1st priority, She Won 1st Place!! wow!
Dior with Aisyah Supporter....My Friend Corner friend
The Best Thing is : She never Quit! i saw her sometimes in the event & show. She even have a guts to tak another chance on joining Bintang RTM...she prove that she can do better if there's a chance... i love the spirit! it's similar to my principle...

Yours sincerely, DIOR 디요
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