Friday, March 2, 2012

무조건 (mujogun)- Dior 디오@Geumhong Korean Ginseng,Sunshine Square.Penang's 25/2/12.

performing 무조건 (mujogun) as 2nd song with of my dancers at Sunshine Square,Penang 25th February 5:30Pm.

Geumhong Korean Ginseng Penang's Launching 25Feb2012.

Thanks to : Geumhong Korean Ginseng Company for inviting me(Mr.Yoo,Gavin,Khairul)
My dancers: Didi,Hanis,Yun&Budi
My Friends: Ejan Adik & Mama.
New Buddy 한국 사람 진구 : Alice,A Jin Hwang,박유주,박건태,한주영,강경봉 Because of you the show was Great & Really enjoy my time in Penang.
Hope to met you again!!~고삐가 파티를!
Dior 디오

Yours sincerely, DIOR 디요
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