Monday, October 31, 2011

Dior's Korea Visit & Concert October 2011 (Part 1 22ndOct)

 Hi Everyone!!!
this's the update of my Journey to Korea for my 2nd time & this time for my Concert!!!
so excited to tell everyone..hehhe.
I've been chosen as Geumhong Korean Red Ginseng Ambassador ,as for that ,the Company bring me over to South Korea & Geumsan especially where the Ginseng grow to overlook the process ,meeting & they had arrange My Concert & few performances.i'm so blessed.

from my flight ..overlook KL scenery.

Fly with Air Asia X

just touchdown in Incheon ,South Korea on 22nd October 2011
I supposed to fly with Korean Air,but seat was full,so i have to go by Air Asia X! not bad..but i prefer Korean Air...hahahaha.we fly from KL on 2:45pm & reach Incheon ,Korea by 9:30pm,supposedly,but it came late like 9:55pm(Korea time).

When i go out frm the Airport,i was so suprise my Korean friend (Jihyoon) waiting for me(seriously didn't expect her to's far) the Ginseng Comp.rep drove me to Wonchondong which in the middle of Incheon & Seoul...where the place not so big but got MRT & we stay  in the area.
having supper with Jihyoon & her sister & Fizie Rastar at Wonchondong
 after put all things in room, Jihyoon bring me & Fizie Rastar(my assistant/manager there) to have supper,she pay it again Jihyoon! go go go! so bad,well, im gonna treat u & ur sis good in Malaysia later,ok?

oh ya..Jihyoon sister came later to meet us...
We had Bibimbap,some sandwich which is nice...i'd taste it before,but its 1st time for Fizie...hahaha...welcome to Korea Fizie!!!he quite suprise the food is Hot/spicy...Korean people love spicy's such a nice meal we had,nice chat & later they bring us to LotteRia...a fast food counter in Korea such McDonald...but we just had Coffee.

Bibimbap as our 1st menu in Korea
 To close our session that night, Jihyoon & her sis had present me some Korean Choclate cake snack which i forgot the name cez finist it too early cez its so damn delicious.hahha..TQ so much Jihyoon..u know my taste.
Before i leave Malaysia,Jihyoon had 'Kakao' me what is my Favourite artist & i answer Wheesung & Kim Bom Su that time.jeng jeng jeng!!!! she present me with Wheesung & Kim bom su's latest so happy...i had free food,nice company,present...IM BLESSED!!!!hahahha.I LOve KOREA!
on the street at Wonchondong area
 we walked to our Hotel & continue with Internet surfing in the room & BUM! sleep....until 10am...we woke up....ok..thats gonna be my 2nd story...wait for it yah!

Yours sincerely, DIOR 디요

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Ku Redha - Dior TEASER

Ku Redha - Dior TEASER

new song from Dior...the 1st ever slow ballad from Dior...wait for the Full Version yah!! :)

Yours sincerely, DIOR 디요

My Schedule to date October :

tonight: Singapore
14th: Show at The Zone Hotel ,Johor Bahru,Malaysia
18th: JoJo's MV shooting ,KL,Malaysia
22-23rd: Seoul ,Korea
24-26th: Geumsan ,Korea fr World Ginseng Festival & perform as Korean Red Ginseng ASIA Ambassador.
27th: Back to Malaysia
Alhamdulillah...I'm going to Korea AGAIN!!! Yay!!! im so excited!!!!!

Yours sincerely, DIOR 디요

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Singapore Trip 2-4th Oct 2011

I'd So much Fun with my Singapore Trip ...after KIP Mart show in JB & Attend Noraniza Idris wedding on 1st Oct night,i'd enter Singapore on 2nd & stay there until on d 4th...basicly place i go: Sentosa Idsland, Orchard Road,Mustaffa Centre& Bugis Street where i shop alot!!!.Thnx so much to KakZana,Fizie Rastar,Nurul,KakMimi&Abg Din,Sein Ahmad(Anugerah),Zura& Jas&Wife ...Thnx fr ur hospitality.i'll come again ya...


Yours sincerely, DIOR 디요