Friday, June 17, 2011

new Theater play by Dior,Ibrahim Akir & Fiqa : PEMINANGAN

I'm so honored when the production team call me & sayin i'm chosen to do their Theater, Which means this will be my 2nd Theater play..& both a big/priority role. ah...Alhamdulillah..personally..i'm not really good in acting,but i will try my best!please support me yah!? ok?

the Theater name : PEMINANGAN (a marriage proposal)
by : ANTON CHEKHOV (Russia)
Director: Sakrani Shamsuddin
Dior (Singer,Composer,Actor)
Ibrahim Akir (Pak Ayob) (Pioneer in theater,Drama)
Fiqa Siti Nur Syafiqa juara gadis melayu musim 2
Fiqa (winner Gadis Melayu 2,TV9)

yup, only 3 of us...but we will make the theater room US..hahahha...
ok...i cant  tell the story line cez i just got it...
there's a lot to  remember.i mean the dialog...huhuhu..

oh ya...please make yourself free on 28-30th July 2011 to watch us in action!
place is either Taman Budaya or MATIC.

Yours sincerely, DIOR 디요
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