Tuesday, May 31, 2011

KPOP impact to ASEAN countries.

KPOP(Korean Pop) impact to ASEAN
HI  everyone,this's a big subject for me to write in my blog...
i chose to write this just to share my thoughts.I speak through my experience & my study.

FEMININ-untukmu album
Do u remember when we(Malaysia) had Freshie,4U2C,NICO...those boy&girl band that control the Malaysian music wave by storm previously in 1980/90's?how did they do?we never turn to any other Foreign music don't we?we even  copy their style & dance choreography.....maybe u thought u the only one do it at home? U WRONG! many more...hahaha...oh..we don't have Youtube those days. What i'm trying to say here is that,we already experience POP Dance & IDOL Group before,just like what KPOP did to us now.

OK,maybe u don't get my point yet.THEY ARE SAME! Want to know why?u figure out yourself..hahaha.

OK,OK..i give u the answer: they are human & they in group!!!...joking,joking....don't be mad,Relax,Rejuvenate&use your essential oil to rub ur chest...a a a a...don't touch  freely while reading this..*warning*
 here it is: 1) they got package
2)they dance & synchronized,even their fashion...synchronized
3)they got Aura
4)they bare by big company who can promote & portray them as big name in industry.
those some,maybe u can list for me more,k.
the QUESTION is...WHY WE CAN'T DO LIKE THEM NOW?i mean,just how KPOP&those Malay group stomp the Malaysian yard! i don't think i'm able to write now about it..i can simply do books on that matter..seriously.

KPOP(Korean POP) have left a big impact around the world,especially ASEAN & South East ASIA. I would say Thailand  the most....
KPOP industry was so 'roses' in Thailand.Korean artist keep coming & the Government support their KPOP music industry in Thailand by throwing a lot of concerts & Joint venture program between Korea & Thailand.
of course they are so proud with NIchkun,the only Thailand boy who joint in Korean group-2PM & made him as spokesperson for their Tourism promotion.
The biggest part is they held a Korean Music Wave Concert..the biggest concert just like in KOrea,but they doing it in their country.Thailand people was so lucky,and for that,KPOP had effect their music industry & the demand towards KPOP song rising.This's where the new/existing singer will rise with KPOP-a-like music/song.here's some example:

Indonesia had take positively with KPOP Halyu wave,but as i concern,not that many KPOP artist had come to do performance (i don't count KPOP artist who came for leisure in Bali ya...) to compare in Thailand,Singapore&Malaysia.
they have done this Friendship Sharing Concert 2010.I'm sure they enjoy it so much.For that,few artist had come with  same concept.example:

NSG STAR- dance concept.the music towards Britain sound as the producer is from there.
they will not left behind...they had few Festival that bring KPOP artist to perform in their country.The effect of music industry there is also same,but they still prefer their way of song still.Biggest star singer from Vietnam:Ho Ngoc Ha have done many Pop Dance song.& this's similar to what KPOP deliver.

same case here,but they still toughs with their local artist capability.truly,not so much i hear movements of KPOP here.but fr one sure,this group  deliver the same thing & i love it:

they appoint Korean Director&choreographer for them...thats why u see similarities.

by the time i wrote this,i already feel like sleeping,maybe its time fr me to go bed.but i'll finish this 1st.
KPOP music scene has started since 2007/8 when big name like TVXQ & Rain have done their concert here.but that doesn't effect the nation yet.KPOP halyu Wave started to rise in Malaysia& local radios since 3rd quater 2010.I still remember when i'm KPOP talking about KPOP infornt of my friend since 2008,some of my friend get fed up & don't like it.but at the end ,he the once produce things that a like.hmm.. never mind.
As  singer/composer,& Kpop fans,i already know that this halyu wave will be big one day in Malaysia, so i bold right away a KPOP-a-like song that is PERGI!/ 떠나다 ! duet with Seung J & release it on 1st quarter 2010.

Yeah...i'm so advance that time,i like to be in the front & to be noticed on something that people not doing it yet.but the local radio was very hard to accept it because it have a combination of Korean lyrics...we have some issue on Language use in Malaysia for local radios.ok,we left it behind.
Malaysian Government also contribute FREE Super Junior M concert in Putrajaya,Malaysia in conjunction with Hari Belia Negara. oh ya,there will be another Free KPOP Concert in June i guess.this time, U-KISS turn.
some Non-Government company had bring many KPOP artist in Malaysia also as they concern on Halyu wave in Malaysia & the trend now.
*wait,at this moment,i really feel wanna sleep,i guess my writing befiore might be not interesting.ok,continue*
as local music company see the demand towards KPOP song,some group & siners has come with the KPOP-a-like concept,including me(but i'm doing it 1st ya in 2008.hehe...eh..means i'm the pioneer la..hmmm)
here's some example:

that's me! HEHEHE..

Yours sincerely, DIOR 디요