Friday, February 18, 2011

my memory as "DUT" & Dangdut singing competition

i just browse youtube just now & thinking of dangdut...suddenly pop in my mind this song: 

Senandung Rembulan -imam s.arifin feat evie tamala's the story:

I would say this's my secret...but of course no longer now...hehe.
i'd enter several singing competition in my school: Sek.Men.Taman Maluri    ...& because of im singing dangdut on every competition,most of my friends call me DUT!(short form of Dangdut).Of course they know i love dangdut & i'm big fan of Mas Idayu that time(even some of my classmate collect Mas Idayu articles from newspaper&magazines & give it to me & i slip it on top of my i can watch & smile to her everytime ).It was crazy before...hahahahah...

okay...we left that story behind...what im trying to say still a livin proof of Dangdut fanatik until lah...but true lah...but true lah...but true lah..whateverlah.

I'm a kind of forgetful person u know....
but i remember 1ST TIME enter singing competition was just after still 17 that time.
i forgot how i heard about this,but i manage to get into the DANGDUT Competition which held in Istana Dangdut in Wilayah Complex,KL...really famous fr people making passport there,back then.
It's a very famous Dangdut Club that time...i have to pay rm30...THATS A  LOT that time,cez i just finish study & i save it from my everyday school allowance.remember im 17?
i wrote im 18 on registration form,of course i have to lie,if not...i cant enter lah....huish...luckyly..Lepas...
i sang this song:

Senandung Rembulan -imam s.arifin feat evie tamala 

im so nervous that time cez im the a big event & place which not familiar to im fail...but its ok...i took it as priceless experience...
i really have a great competitor ...many great dangdut singer...i have chat with one of them...can u imagine...he's dangdut winner in his area which in Indonesia...of course i lost lah...........haiya.

Yours sincerely, DIOR 디요

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