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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Main Bola / Futsal

on last February 18 &19,me & other artist had join 'Program amal Artis bersama & KPTM  2011'

when we reach Pekan ,Pahang on night time,suddenly the organizer said...hey,jom main Futsal...i said for my self...Oh,Gosh!
y??? cez i never play any futsall/football,never since im boy...i mean since consider old already ma...
 it freaks me out.
when we reach the Futsal place...i try to do excusess on joining the game.....
The 1st round is done!oh...i tot relief,but then they call me fr the next round...mampos la...hahahah
i told them many times,i dont knw to play...everyone said.,its fine,we just want to enjoy,none include to win/skills or what ever...then,i give a try...
it turs out well & really ENJOY!!!! hahahahah...i never can imagine how i enter the field fr the 1st funny.
then i try goal keeper position...doesnt do well...i think im better on place where u stand near the goal line...what u call that? 
anyway...i really enjoy my time being with anthr artist in that trip....

Yours sincerely, DIOR 디요

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