Tuesday, February 15, 2011

JAMBU SUSU : Myrtaceae family

i'd come across few times when i said jambu susu...so many people doesn't know.
why i post this...because this's a rear fruit which i  think so hard to  get  nowadays.
my last time having this Jambu Susu when im 14.13 years ago...at Rembau,Negeri Sembilan.
it's very very sour ...just like plum...best to have with combination soy&chilli&sugar.
Jambu susu came from Myrtaceae family which normally u see in red /green colour in Tapah highway & very sweet & lovable.
anyway..i miss this Jambu Susu...u will experience it very sour but like u cant stop on having it.

Common Name: Makopa or Malay Apple/ Jambu air
Botanical Name: Myrtaceae
Family: Myrtaceae
Origin: Malaysia
Plant Size: Small
Varieties: Green, Maroon, White, Red
Season: May-July


The Malay apple is a medium sized tree, growing up to 60' tall. Although not indigenous to Suriname, pomerac as it is called in this country, is growing abundantly.
The evergreen leaves are opposite, soft leathery and dark green: the flowers are purplish - red and form a carpet after falling under the tree.
The fruit is oblong - to pear shaped with a dark red skin and white flesh; sometimes it is seedless. 

Yours sincerely, DIOR 디요
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