Tuesday, June 15, 2010

MPSJ-NST 10KM RUN CARNIVAL Concert 12/6/10

Held at MPSJ,Subang Jaya ,Malaysia...i've been invited by Julfekar trough Min Yasmin to perform here for Subang Jaya People...
it's after raining...so the audience were just ok....
i'd sang Syahara & Sampai ke lantai song.
i'm glad there's a group of boys there sing together with me when i sing Syahara...so then i straigh go to them to make them sing along with me.
then when i perform my hits: Sampai Ke Lantai...there's another guy really-into-it to my song,when i invite,he straight come on stage & gelek with me,,,it was very entertaining for me & of course to the audience!
overall: an enjoyable night to remember....
other artist:
Aris Ariwatan
Feeza(Ungkapan Kata Bernafas Cinta)
Min Yasmin
Rini AF

Yours sincerely,DIOR 디요
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