Tuesday, June 8, 2010

MAYDAY DNA Tour Live at Bukit Jalil Stadium 5/6/10

ive been to MAYDAY' DNA Tour Concert' at Bukit jalil .
i got the tix free frm IQWAL's parents.
actually i dont really know MAYDAY...been there just to checkout the performance.
if anything great...it will b priceless to me as i got tix fr free(normal price rm 389) & learn sumthing there.
as i concern...i'm the only Malay there....the rest is Chinese.i saw few frm CHINA also.u can tell by their slang/style of their mandarin speak....much deeper.
as usual...before the concert start at 8:30,3 segmen of artis singing an opening song.
1st) a group of reality show talent...which i dont recnz them.cez i dont watch it...hehehe.
2nd)IQWAL.i tell u...im so proud to see his performance in singing BEYOND song,with EVERYONE in the stadium sing with him.
3rd) chinese girl...she's really good....sorry i dont recnz her.
the show was pretty good...i love the giant Transformers Robot segment when it came out...nice...then company with DNA song...which the only song that i familiar with MAYDAY...so i enjoy it!

Yours sincerely,DIOR 디요
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