Thursday, June 3, 2010

1-2/6/10...never in my life: haven't sleep fr a day.

1/6/10: been to Kg.Baru at night with Azmir&nazir...i had TOMYAM campur without rice(as normal compliment) as for my weigh concern..hehehhe...i had to prove to someone about it.

well,that tomyam really great,but more to Hot for me..i cant really stand on Hot/pedas food.

after that...Azmir & me been to Mid Valley's Celebrity fitness...not much we can do as time running out for us when we came late at 10:45...the place close at 12midnight.

12:15pm: we normally sleep very late,so i decide to Cheras Downtown to hv a Resdung treatment...spend fr rm20...& the skin smoother,just like after doing the scrub.

while doing it....Zouffi&zwen suddenly approach us...ahhh..we've got better company to spread our time...

8am: later...we've been wi-fiing at 1 restaurant until 7am.when we moved out...i've decided not to rush in JAM in me & azmir...ONCE AGAIN to Celebrity Fitness Midvalley..this time concentrating on Swimming only...that means we haven't sleep for a day now.

after the shower,we tought on get back home,then Azmir sudden ask "shall we browsing the mall" ?well,ya...comes to a point we saw GSC!!!then we check out on the movie price..its rm7...then i was's wednesday yet?oh...cannot be...

then i checkout on my hp...oh gosh...felt like i'd lost another day before.hahaha.

10;45am: we had McD's breakfast & coffee before we enter the Movie hall...Prince Of Persia!!!what a movie...i'm so lovin it...reallly good movie.

Yours sincerely,DIOR 디요

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