Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Dior 1st Mini Showcase: Annyonghasaeo안녕하세요 Dioratic!

singing Pergi! 떠나다 !
singing Malay Hits Medley:
Jangan Bersedih Lagi(Anuar Zain),Bukan Cinta Biasa(Afgan),Seribu Tahun(Imran Ajmain),Sonata Musim Salju(Hazami),Tak Mungkin Kerna Sayang (Aaliyah),Penghujung Rindu(Jamal Abdillah)
hey U! sing with me!
im singing Orient Medley at this time:

Paradise(T-max),Love(CNBlue), Love ya(SS501),timeless(Xiah junsu&Zhang ri in),like a man(Fly to the sky), Cuo le cai cuo(Nicholas Teo),mirae,heartbeat(2PM),sorry sorry (Super Junior,gee(SNSD),Bonamana (Super Junior) & Love Song (Rain)
my opening performance: Dancing shoes(AJ),Sampai Ke Lantai,Love Ya(SS501) & Mengharap Sinar.backup by Amen & The Gang.
My All time Supporter!!!!!Thnx to each of u....i love u all....
this's the tag for everyone who came,beside the Goodie Bag.
my school mate Ajoy's wife (Eja) & their lovely daughter who came to support.
signing session...everyone will get my Pics...hehehe.
Yours sincerely,DIOR 디요

Monday, June 21, 2010

Check out a photo that Dior 디요-Sampai Ke Lantai was tagged in on MySpace

Check out a photo that Dior 디요-Sampai Ke Lantai was tagged in on MySpace

Yours sincerely,DIOR 디요

Dior's Audition

18/6/10: Gah 1,Host audition
17/6/10: voice over audition.
The Other audition was...Bangsawan Puteri maharani.I'm as the LEAD actor!!!!! Yay!!!

Yours sincerely,DIOR 디요

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Dioratic Presenting Dior's 1st mini Showcase:Annyonghasaeo안녕하세요 Dioratic!

Dioratic Presenting Dior's 1st mini Showcase:

Annyonghasaeo안녕하세요 Dioratic!

Time:2.30pm - 5.30pm
Location : station 1 Cafe ,Jaya One,Petaling Jaya
Theme : green & black .

Grabyour seat now! RSVP before 23rd June 2010.
There’ll be Lucky draw & KPOP performance too.
Special Appearance: JoJo & Shajiry (KGB)
MC by Hilmy Ashley (BERNAMA)

Door charge: Rm30(Hi tea buffet & goodies bag)
Bank account :The ConvolvulusEntertainment (CIMB 14370004047056)
Contact : Baby 0176494754
( after make payment ,please sms to Baby time&date bank-in.confirmation code will be given for entrance)

Yours sincerely,DIOR 디요

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

the date is near...Dioratic Mini Showcase

Boys&girls....i'm gonna throw a Mini Showcase as many request before.
held on 26th June from 3-5:30pm.
im cracking my head on the agenda & song selections now....totally bz with the preparation now.
have to cancel my trip to Singapore to concentrate on this...

hope i can get full support from u guys to come over on my show....sure it's a joy .
have to mention: there'll b a lucky draw session...don't miss this up!

gonna sing Korean ,japanese & mandarin Hits ,beside my hits song & malay hits...
oh ya...the advtsmnt will b up soon on how to book a tix & other stay tune ya...
plz bring many of ur friends too....
c u there!

39 & 41-LG2,
Block C, No 72A,
Jalan Universiti,
46200 Petaling Jaya.
Tel : +603 7960 0139

place: station 1 cafe,jaya one,petaling jaya.
date: 3-6pm.registration: 2-3pm
tix: rm30 /person including hi tea buffet & goodies.

more updates soon....

Yours sincerely,DIOR 디요

MPSJ-NST 10KM RUN CARNIVAL Concert 12/6/10

Held at MPSJ,Subang Jaya ,Malaysia...i've been invited by Julfekar trough Min Yasmin to perform here for Subang Jaya People...
it's after the audience were just ok....
i'd sang Syahara & Sampai ke lantai song.
i'm glad there's a group of boys there sing together with me when i sing then i straigh go to them to make them sing along with me.
then when i perform my hits: Sampai Ke Lantai...there's another guy really-into-it to my song,when i invite,he straight come on stage & gelek with me,,,it was very entertaining for me & of course to the audience!
overall: an enjoyable night to remember....
other artist:
Aris Ariwatan
Feeza(Ungkapan Kata Bernafas Cinta)
Min Yasmin
Rini AF

Yours sincerely,DIOR 디요

Friday, June 11, 2010

i'm back in kl now.been to Taman Negara.

Hi everyone.....i've been to Kuala Tahan few days ago...& had explore National Park/Taman was fun....been there to sing also(in cultural show).

here's one of photo i's giant spider!

Yours sincerely,DIOR 디요

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

7/6/10 Preview of New Photoshoot

Yours sincerely,DIOR 디요

6/610 Wanalicious Birtday Party

im invited by Samad to Wana(mystar lg winner) birthday party...beside me,there's Azmir Arif who came to give support.

the best thing: A LOT OF FREEBIES.
never in my life had so much of freebies when we came to the event/party...thnx WANALICIOUS!!!!
happy birthday WANA!!!!

Yours sincerely,DIOR 디요

MAYDAY DNA Tour Live at Bukit Jalil Stadium 5/6/10

ive been to MAYDAY' DNA Tour Concert' at Bukit jalil .
i got the tix free frm IQWAL's parents.
actually i dont really know MAYDAY...been there just to checkout the performance.
if anything will b priceless to me as i got tix fr free(normal price rm 389) & learn sumthing there.
as i concern...i'm the only Malay there....the rest is Chinese.i saw few frm CHINA also.u can tell by their slang/style of their mandarin speak....much deeper.
as usual...before the concert start at 8:30,3 segmen of artis singing an opening song.
1st) a group of reality show talent...which i dont recnz them.cez i dont watch it...hehehe.
2nd)IQWAL.i tell so proud to see his performance in singing BEYOND song,with EVERYONE in the stadium sing with him.
3rd) chinese girl...she's really good....sorry i dont recnz her.
the show was pretty good...i love the giant Transformers Robot segment when it came out...nice...then company with DNA song...which the only song that i familiar with i enjoy it!

Yours sincerely,DIOR 디요