Tuesday, May 25, 2010

21/5/10: hangout with Hilmy Ashley to Galaxie Ampang: Korean Market

some of the stuff from the korean shop.
Hilmy driving
me...buying Dark Sugar at Galaxie,ampang Hanguk/korean mart...rm6/kg.i used it for my fine cup of tea...mostly for my earl grey,chamomile & rose tea....can't describe it..u have to try it.

some info on it.
Moist Brown Sugars :
In the second stage of sugar processing, a centrifuge is used to remove as much, or as little, molasses as the manufacturer chooses. In brown sugars made by the traditional methods, such as demerara and muscovado, the molasses is left in, and then the sugar is crystallized via dehydration. During this process, the molasses remains intact, as in first-stage sugars, yet these sugars become fairly dry.

Yours sincerely,DIOR 디요
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