Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Dior & Azmir Arif :Starpoint Hotel,Secretaries week 23/4/1

Fanzi Ruji...one of our friend that come to support that day...this photo snap by me with my LUMIX FZ7

performers & Hotel staff on PC day held 2 weeks before the show.
Gelek kak...
me singing Yang Sedang-Sedang
me interview by Fenomena Seni,RTM1
Dior & azmir arif singing Cek Mek Molek
beside me& azmir,Zouffi&Zwen had also perform the day before.Arrora Salwa fr Modelling some desingners outfit.
Azmir Arif & dior..Peace...

Dior 디요-Sampai Ke Lantai.Live: Gah@1 24/4/10

Dior 디요-Sampai Ke Lantai.Live: Gah@1 24/4/10

video rec by JoJo

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Akad Nikah Amiey 1/4/10 (bride:Sharina) & Hantaran

all 'hantaran' made by me 100%...hehehe.just being creative.
Gucci Shoes
Raoul watches
AX shirt
CK toiletries
Nokia Phone
Fruits of Life
the most important hantaran: Sirih Junjung

Dior 디요-Takut Sengsara/Jatuh Bangun LIVE @ Hujung Minggu Malaysia,TV1

this's 1 of my favourite song.i had a lots of memory with it. sang this few months ago,live in the morning 8;30AM...that time i had 2 hours sleep,then straight to RTM& sing.honestly,my vocal not very good in the morning...but enjoy it ya....

my lil sis Sharina & Amiey Wedding 11/4/10(Groom's house)

amiey,Dior & Sharina
"melatah " makcik: gelek when i sing dangdut song.it was very entertaining.
me singing Cinta Sabun Mandi & Penasaran.
my mom do the "renjis" to he bride & groom.it's malay tradition.
'makan beradab' with all my family.

contemporary black&white 'pelamin'.made b Amiey's father...it's very nice 'pelamin'!!!

Supper with Friends 12/4/10

i can say i always going out late at night...
can say my life start evening to morning most of the day...hehe.
here's 2 pics of me & friends..

me,zouffi,azmir arif,firdaus bakhtiar & zwen

zouffi,azmir arif,hilmy ashley,firdaus bakhtiar & zwen

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

new upload Vids:

Menyesal : Azam Pitt @ Sharina & Amiey Wedding Reception 4/10/10

Takut Sengsara (jatuh bangun) by Dior 디요& Azam Pitt @ Sharina&Amiey

Aesar Mustafa : Satu Cinta @Sharina&Amiey Wedding Reception

Aesar Mustafa : Bukti Cinta @ Sharina&Amiey Wedding Receptio