Friday, February 19, 2010

HELO MALAYSIA Recording@BERNAMA TV,18/2/2010 with Hilmy Ashley,Dior,Amylea&Riz

This's HELO MALAYSIA program by BERNAMA TV,ASTRO 502 channel.HELO MALAYSIA,a talk/discussion program& consist of any issue.
for the 1st Time,Entertainment issue will be MC by Hilmy Ashley(my fellow friend & artist)& to be continue for the whole ent.program.for his 1st appearance,he's bringing some HOT issue on board fr all of us to discuss...mostly in Ent.field.There's Outside caller too...i just remember frm Niezam Abdullah(UTUSAN) & Yanti(DIORATIC).thnx 4 d call&good question.
not sure when this program will be air..but once i got the info,i will let u know,k.Anyway...we had so much fun in playable discussion.u should c it.
Hilmy Ashley as Compare/MC,Dior,Amylea&Riz
make up room
me...with my CD
group photo
Amylea& this pic...sweet.
hill madness&Dior.
for whom don't know who's Hilmy Ashley....he's Runner up for Pencarian Celcom Metro(PCM) Final,been as newscaster for TV Pendidikan,few program in RTm & BERNAMA permanent newscaster.he's also my artist under my comp.:The Convolvulus Entertainment.
Dior& this pic too.
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