Thursday, December 3, 2009

Dior,Azmir Arif,Zubir&Rosya Nor@Fenomena Seni,TV1,5/4/09

singing Sampai Ke 2nd single(dangdut pop dance) as the opening.
u see that(style of touching chin ) alot frm Korean artist.
my words&argument...on 'Nak Jadi Artist'(want to be artist) topic.
atist panel: Azmir Arif & Dior
Zubir(Berita Harian),Rosyam Nor,Azmir Arif&Dior

Dior,singing 'Sampai Ke Lantai' (Fenomena Seni,TV1,5/4/09)

all pics taken from Fenomena Seni Facebook page,

btw,thnx to Edzlin on making me aware on the pics...
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