Thursday, December 3, 2009

29/11/09-Visit frm EVO & Sarah Raissudin

1st thing...on that day...i couldnt monitor my booth @AU2 cez have to handle my nephew engagement @ Sungkai peraK. I thought it will take a whole day for it,but it ends abt 5pm as i reach KL.then i straight to AU2 to visit my booth,which 1 of my staff already standby there.once step in to the mall,Khairul Evo saw me & saying Hi!...we meet each other on our AF7 start the long story about whats happening abt each other.....

khairul EVO,.....,Jkhairul In-Heart & Dior
  • Full Name 1: Khairul Najmuddin B Abu Samah (Hyrul)
  • Origin: Kuala Lumpur
  • Age: 17 (DOB: 5 December 1991)
Not long after that,Sarah Raissudin call up & meet me there fr dinner @A&W...we had a long story also...this time more personal,as we r very closed....we discussed more deeper....can't tell ya'll what we discuss lah...hehe.
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