Tuesday, December 15, 2009

14/12/09.Family Hangout.

Today,my brother Azmi,ring Ding Dong me & my sis to hv dinner @ 7.30pm.i receive the call at 7pm..,so while online that time,rushing to the bathroom...hahaha.

we reach Pizza Hut,Taman maluri by 8pm i guess.after dinner,we go straight to Jusco Taman Maluri fr some shopping.what we shop mostly for his children's school needs like shoes,cloths,bags...

but the best thing is...he bought me a Watch & Shoes for me also...wahahaha..u don't know how big is my smile that time.

My brother Azmi,is very kind of person....whenever he had big payout,he will spend more on his family.....love him.
dinner @ pizza hut.
my siblings: Azmi transport,tv3(in red) & Sharina(my lil sis on peace!)

my sis(garlic)&me(Dior).
2nd present frm my brother azmi: New Balance shoe...green...dioratic....

i've got present...my brother buy fr me....nice watch....senyum lebar...

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