Thursday, October 29, 2009

22/10: JAMU @ ASWARA

i'd watch the 1st series of JAMU 2009.most of big names choreographer will show their "pieces" that night.very good show.very art.

25/10: a day hang out with Hilmy Ashley

i'd spend all day with Hilmy Ashley as we're seldom meet & hv a lot of things to discuss.
we'd try the fish spa@Berjaya Times Square.....geli(in a good way)....hehehe.

28/10:Dinner @Concord Hotel

after Karyawan's friend- Hisham frm Aveline corp. invite me to hv Dinner @Concord hotel to celebrate his birthday.

Happy Birthday Hisham!!!

19/10:Media Prima,Iwan Dangdut & Azwan Ali open house

Shazroul & Dior

i'd start my day with attending Media Prima's open house @ Sri Pentas Bandar Utama.I'd a table with Shazroul.lot of people there including artist of i reach there,Shajiry &Erry putra just want to start singing.

Shazroul, Dato' Siti Nurhaliza & Dior

then i'd visit Iwan Dangdut's house...u know the singer for Yang sedang-Sedang...the origin of Tinak Tin Tana...

my last trip on that day is Azwan Ali's house....

for those who said i'm Awal Ashaari's Brother...think back.i don't think there's any similarities.


i'd saw this lorry carry this logo...spotted the words: should be sizzling.

cuba ,try,test.

i'd bought the Black shirt.this's when i try the shirt in the changing room.i'd try both colour.

the reason i upload here is bcez Siti Sarah saw this pic in my phone ,then she said...hey...u look handsome in this pic.....hahahahahha...just to share with my followers here.