Monday, August 10, 2009

JB visit 2/8/09.

Azam & his wife.

Alhamdulillah,setelah 9 tahun berlalu,barulah dapat jumper my classmate: Azam or people call him Tabong.he's origanally from tangka, was at Catering class 99/2000 at Sek.Men Teknik Muar.for thet long years we haven't meet,a lot of things spilled out.glad we now he's married,even few of my froiends from the same class has

Me & them @ Osman restaurant,Larkin perdana.
Asmara&Elfie Hefni

Just few step frm that restaurant,me,Elfie Hefni&other friends made visit to KD Fantasia Karaoke lounge.just to chill & K'OKE SUKA-SUKA.hehe.

KD Fantasia,Larkin Perdana
Elfie Hefni,Azam (Tabong) he's an ast.manager here & Dior
in front of Old Town ,Sentosa,JB.
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