Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Journey to Singapore by KTM(my 1st experience)

on 19th jun 2009,me & Elfie Hefni got performance at D'marquee,Pasir Ris, Singapore.we decide to took on train by KTM to reach singapore the day before.leave frm Kl Sentral abt 10:45pm.here's some of the pix & story.

Me in the cabin.got 2 tier bed. the tix sponsored by Elfie Hefni...hehe,..TQ Hefni! so hefni paid rm138 if im not mistaken fr 1 person...means he paid double fr our journey.so that ,we get a very good & private room ,attach with shower room & toilet.so good.
d SUPPER meal frm KTM....u know what...Nasi Lemak & Chicken curry!!!sedap gak.but for late night meal...nasi lemak is just no,no.
reach Singapore,the last station in the morning...about 8am.forget the station name,hehe.
i'm so lucky,while we're waiting someone to get us frm the station,i'd bought Singapore local malay news paper- Berita Harian. then i saw my pix,long with lfie Hefni & M.Daud Kilau as the promo fr the night show @ D'marquee.u don't know how happy we are.....hahaha.
in the afternoon.i'd met Ezad & Mamat Exist(which also there in Singapore for other show),anugerah contestant Sarah & Sein Ahmad & Kak Mariah our tauke.
at the back stage...don't know what kelam kabut there.

Sampai Ke Lantai -Dior@D'Marquee,Pasir Ris,Singapore

Dior - Tung Keripit @NTUC Club, Singapore

Dior-Sampai Ke Lantai @ NTUC Club, Singapore

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