Monday, June 22, 2009

My Treasure...

Nicholas(Malaysia) concert featuring Fish Leong.Seriously suprise with his performance& very good choice of song for his concert.All backline musician mostly Malays.I think i'd start to like Nicholas songs.
Eason Chan.*didn't finish yet*
Mandarin Taiwan Ballad Songs Karaoke.not many of familiar songs here,just bought as i dont know how to read Chinese words.tot it hv lots of good songs.
Jay Chow.Really cool packaging on printing finishing.good songs & MTV.
TWINS...really cool packaging,but abt the song...mmmmm...
JJ Lin.Good Concert.he got lovely voice.Good stage performance in his way.
SHOW Luo!!!!My Fav Taiwa artist....Very2 good songs,Very2 good Concert&Songs selection.aghhhh...can't get enough.
Hanazakari Kimitachi e'&Hana Yori Dango(Boys Over Flower Japan's Version) both r really good series.the most popular in Japan.
Lee Hom.*Didn't finish yet*
TWINS.great packaging.songs.....mmmm.....
Fahrenheit Book.just buy to check out their style&fashion sense.
Fahrenheit Book inside.
TVXQ O Concert Book.
TVXQ O Concert Book inside
Nicholas Teo.i'm not a fan of him...but seriously superb packaging he like...wahhhh...
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