Friday, June 5, 2009

4/6-Bowling match with Kementerian Belia &Sukan (KBN)

Today,i'd a bowling match for KBS.few artist from Karyawan also show up.hld at Endah Parade,Sri Petaling,KL.
Dato Shabery Cheek made 1st throw to oficially start the game
i've got several throw style...but most of it...will sit after the throw.Freddie fernandez beside me there.
that's our team 1st game result.D goes for Dior.
our 2nd game result
3rd game result...i admit,i'm not good in bowling...but it's a fun game...especially if u get a havoc team.
Karyawan Artis w' Dato.u can see Heliza,Candy,Stacy,Radhi OAG,Hafiz Dunia baru,Putri,Freddie,Ahmad & Me!

after the match...fill up our stomach at station kopitiam on ground floor.
Thanks for blanja Dato'
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