Saturday, April 11, 2009

Fenomena Seni 5th April 2009.Topic: Nak Jadi Artis

Dior sing SAMPAI KE LANTAI as the opening slot
just want to share those photos here for your eye it sweet?up to u....
i've been honoured to be invited as one of the panel for Fenomena Seni talk programme in Tv1.The topic for that night is Nak Jadi Artis (Becoming Artist).

the show format on that night had a little twist where me(Dior) & other panel..Azmir Arif have to perform live,but just fr 2 minutes a teaser fr those who didnt know us & our song.

Azmir Arif & Dior
Dior& KakWhite(Penerbit rancangan)
Credit to Zack for snapping all pics for me...u've done a good job!TQ!

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