Friday, April 3, 2009

2nd April's schedule,Dior@Radio KLFM 8pm

Thnx to DJ Reamey & Dj Haji World for inviting me to KLfm's contie for the happening live interview.i'd reach RTM by 8:30pm,waiting for my slot...hehe...decipline on time.
Picture of Dj Haji World/ Zullastree & Dior while interviewing.

The interview start frm 9:30-10:30pm...but since my mouth full of things to say...we'd drag it to 10:40pm.It's for the new song nomination segmen.Got 5 new malay songs on of it is Mengharap Sinar by Dior feat.Rafikoncept.Oh ya,i'd came with Brother Bob(in blue jacket jeans).For those who don't know him...he's ex of the scariest paparazi frm Malaysia.
DJ Haji World had open the line to 3 callers....and to tell u frankly...i'm really excited talking to the callers.All of them nominate my song of course...hehe.those 3 callers- Erina,Taitam & Adi.Thnx guys!!!

This's Dj Nini.her work shift start frm 12am,but she came early to schedule her song & have a chitchat/photosession with me...hahaha.
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