Sunday, March 1, 2009

TCE's 25thFeb09 Alam Sentral Show-Dior, Jasmine, Azmir Arif, Elfi Hefni & Zuhri

Alam Sentral show going smooth with Hilmy Ashley as the MC...he's doing so great on stage with his humour sense.
This's the after show pics with our supporter -Sue,Adik,Weina&Gmah.

beside stage photoshoot-Elfi Hefni,Jasmine,Zuhri,Azmir Arif,Dior&Hilmy Ashley.

on stage shoot after the show.
Hefni sang his new song-ALJAR(Al Jihad Al Akhbar).Composed&Lyrics by Dior.

Hilmy Ashley's MC make the crowd stay.Funny & Hillarious.
Sue (help TCE's family a lot) &Hilmy Ashley.

Zuhri&Hilmy Ashley on stage.Zuhri sang his own single.

GMah & Dior with My Mini Album (Dior-Sampai Ke Lantai)Version B.

Dior &Jasmine sing 'Timeless' mix of Korean&English language.

me sing Sampai Ke Lantai.
i had a massive crowd in front & the whole stairs at Alam sentral.very good show with a very supportive crowd.

my guest dancer -Nadia ,which 'Gelek' all the way with me.
i present her Nur Zaitun's hamper frm myself.Thnx Nadia!

Azmir Arif with 'Terima Kasih Cinta '& Maafkan Aku.

my lovely supporter.

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