Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Orient,Arab&Malay Traditional passion CD,DVD

i show u my collections ya...
The Orient: HanaYori Dango DVD,LeeHom,Rain & Aaron Kwok DVD Karaoke.
My Arab passion was big also...just that Arab album was so hard to get exlusive CD bought in Malaysia: Dania2 & Nawal El-Zoghbi (Really great album...non of the song make me down).the Other artis i like : Ramy Ayach,Natacha Atlas,Ragheb Aalama,Taha Kaled Faudel, Nancy Ajram,Amal many huh...if their album sell here,for sure will buy all the album.

My Malaysian Folk/Traditional reference: Konsert Ghazal YWJ VCD,Rosiah Chik CD & Senandung Johor Orchestra.
My all time English Album favourite : Destiny's Child Survivor.all tracks r great!

My Comedy/'Pecah perut' DVD series collection: Little Britian .another series i look up is FUTURAMA....didnt find it yet.
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