Monday, March 2, 2009

IKBN show@PICC,Putrajaya-6thMarch2008

I just post this show pic for my own archives...hehe.IKBN show@PICC,Putrajaya-6thMarch2008. My show come with my CPAC(Convolvulus Performning Arts&Culture)Dancers to back me up & as prelude of my show.

here they are(CPAC) in Malay Traditional costume before they perform Dia,Datang&Zapin Farijal Ham as opening.

Here i am singing Hatinya Tak Tahan or Atine Ora Tahan ,made popular by Noraniza Idris.

I would say sing Hatinya Tak Tahan with my 8 dancers really giving me full spirit to sing & dance to the max & finally will get a massive applause. It's just a satisfaction! I didnt have chance yet to perform like this on tv, if got once, sure i will really happy to show everybody & u will like it.

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