Saturday, March 7, 2009

Happy Birthday(2) Faizal&Nurul!!!6/3/09

After Siti Birthday bash,straight away me &Firdaus go to KTV Jln.Imbi to celebrate Firdaus & Nurul's Birthday. Ya i know, i have to attend 2 b'day party on a night.not a big problem. Me&My Fren reach there quite late,around 11:15 not to be exact.Don't know they expecting for me to come...sorry guys for the late!They start the party by 9-1am.
Birthday Boy(Firdaus)&Girl(Nurul) with their present.Happy Birthday to you both!!!
Most of the guest here came from in the field of Entertainment,Musician,dancers & our very close we all gone crazy with memekik ,melolong in that room ,especially those girls...hehehe....but we're HAPPY!&CRAZY!

Dior&Firdaus(my Neighbour)
Me&the Spice Girls

Loving Couple- Awie&Nana.

Birthday Boy-Firdaus
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