Monday, March 9, 2009

Gonjeng: utk mengisi masa lapang-12am 8/3/09

on 7/3/09 11pm Dayang(Tomok New Boys/Isma Af7 sister) call me & ask to 'ngeteh' (sipping tea @ Mamak stall).so i met her & ikin. We al know each other since we're just start to learn folk dance@Central Market....its in a year of 2004 i 1 st,we just have drink & chit chatting @ Mamak stall till 12:30am.Then we start mumbling like we've an empty night. So i suggest to go Dataran Merdeka.

As we reach Dataran Merdeka,the place are quiet & no body there.after few minutes & picture we've taken,the place start to pack with cars&people that just want to hangout & do nothing there.

So we take a move back by 2:30am.
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