Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Dior @ Leina Hangat's Wedding Reception(8/3/09)

I've got invitation from Leina Hangat to attend her wedding ceremony & Mohd Zaipul as the Bridegroom. I'm so happy to hear that at first....

so here i am... with most of celebrity came from DANGDUT field including me! im the youngest among the activis...hehe!

Held in Bora Ombak...the Restaurant closed just for this function that night.I must tell u that it such a breathtaking scene i saw frm the aisle to the dais. The fragrant that make the place 'Bangkit'. & a wonderful Dais.

that's Right!!!Telur Pindang...i've spot it from the beginning. I should admit i'm a big fan of Telur Pindang (brown colour egg-just like chinese herbal egg). It's a signature for Johorian people, cez it originally created from Johor region. I'm master on making it...i know the ingredients& step by step to cook's a secret by me...i can't tell anyone d the Bride & bridegroom having meals...all Otai singer take place to perform 1 or 2songs...including me!!!!hehe...but i'm not Otai la...start from Salwa, Dior, Rohana Jalil, Sheeda, Mas Omar, Ifa Radziah & Aming spring.

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