Tuesday, March 3, 2009

China-ASEAN Youth Camp 2008 part1-18,19&20thJun(Nanning in Quangxi state)

This's the first part of this story.Ministry Youth&Sport council had chose me to represent Malaysia in China-ASEAN Youth Camp 2008
.This Event,Site visiting,Concert& Congress held from 19-26th Jun 2008 &Held in Mainland of China from the state of Quangxi, Beihai & Quangzhou. ok,this's the 1st day. More than 15 of Malaysia Representatives get together & oing to make Malaysia proud...hehe.On a Journey to Naning,Quangxi, we stop by to Quangzhou first.As we wait ,everybody start yelling about starving.We can;t find Halal food in the airport,so we decide to have vegetarian/seafood Instant noodle.look at the Huge cup! it cost us 16yuen(rm8).expensive huh!
Whe we reach Nanning,this tiny little China girl hold 'Malaysia' red sign board & she & the other volunterer welcome us with 'welcome' ball.not really sure the meaning of the ball...but the one for sure.We call her 'Sauchie'('miss' in Mandarin).we get to the Hotel,had dinner & SLEEP!!!
The Next day....Opening Ceremony...i tell u,this girl up here frm Laos(i think) are the most popular girl & she came to me 1st to snap a picture together....what a wonderful world...look at my smile...hehe.
Group Photo.
the second Conference room.
Our Dinner & Show on 2nd day.From Malaysia Dior&Sarrarossa as the performer.we dance improvisation from Ulek Mayang song which combine Silat steps.Pretty good show from us...hehe.The Other ASEAN country perform too.
Then we go bck&Sleep.
Our 3rd day.Agriculture Tour.

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