Sunday, March 15, 2009

Anita Jaffar (Pelakon paling meletop thn 70an)

Inilah Anita Jaffar....ibu kepada Firdaus (my friend which also a dancer ).Saudara dekat kepada Kuswadinata bin Bujang (Kuswadinata). Dior terserempak dengan auntie Anita maser kat Tmn.Kosas tadi,so just say hi & asking her health & so on...

For anybody doesn't know who is Anita Jaffar...she's a big name actress in 70's & had several film she act in:

The reason i write this is because just want make a shout out for acting world in Malaysia , which anyway can help Anita Jaffar.

She really wanted to act again, doesn't matter in any scene, because acting is her passion & she doesn't work full time got plenty of time to spend for acting .For any drama or film producers out here....i suggest you to take her to act in your drama/film...she'd done well in act before,so for's her phone number..+6 017 6500 384.hope to get any good response.
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