Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Mengharap Sinar@Separuh Akhir Muzik-Muzik Etnik Kreatif 2008

Calon2 & Composer utk Etnik Kreatif 2008
dance part
ending part
opening part
dlm bilik persiapan
Khairafik@Rafikoncept(Composer) & Dior(Composer&Lyricist) fr Mengharap Sinar
Dance Part!
Nak bukak baju maser nih mmg susah btol
Dior&Pino/Hafiz-All pics taken by Him w' his Nikon Camera.TQ PINOMAN!
this's the whole entourage frm Dior ..hehe...nasib baik xbwk 2bas.
Anisya....d the designer that sponsor my outfit...i tell u...im wearing d nicest outfit in my life....i like her work.she'd her own brand...Anysha haniff couture.
This's d re-do of my ending pose on d stage
Dancers frm Giler Battle Crew.they r good!!!
the whole performers for Mengharap Sinar.
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