Thursday, February 19, 2009

Jom Serbu!!!TCE's family showcase-Dior,Ejarn,Affan,HilmyAshley,Richado,Jasmine,Azmir Arif,Elfi Hefni&more...

Promosi Artis & Album Baru

Jom Serbu!!!TCE's family showcase-

Dior, Ejarn, Affan, HilmyAshley, Richado, Jasmine(Jangan Lupa Lirik), Azmir Arif, Elfie Hefni , Zuhri (for 4-5pm slot) & more...

come to see we perform prize giveaway & games....sure hillarious w' Hilmy Ashley MC & others to bring u joy & fun!!!
Expect audience paticipation, Great singing performance, to-know-your-artist-better, Dangdut, freebies & more on excitement!
We sell our EP/Album too...just come ok....28th Feb 2009.3-6pm(our's frm 4-5pm)@Alam Sentral,Shah Alam.

Dior-Sampai Ke Lantai(5tracks) rm10
Richado-The Beginning of a tune...(10tracks) rm20

plz promote this to others ya! c u there!!!!

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