Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Dior:2009 New Year's Eve Concert@Kota Kinabalu

picture with one of the fans
My huge Poster in KK!!!!

Alhamdulillah...finally i'd chance to perform in KK,Sabah. really wanted to perform there as d people were very2 supportive whn any singer sing on d stage...especially d biggest event of d year...New Year's Eve Celebration @Padang Merdeka,KK. I've got 'Auntie Angkat' in KK....thats y when i step in to KK....i couldt worry more cez got ppl there to take care of me....hehe. On top...pic of Auntie&Uncle family&me@their salon on 1st day arrival.

the next day,they bring me to one of the beach(forgot the name...but near to KK town) to PICNIC!Awesome!!!for past 5 years,i never have chance to picnic by the shore...i'm so happy!!!

after d picnic...we go for shopping&Makan2 again! @ OneBorneo shopping mall & we had steamboat.upper pic...Murnie,auntie's daughter & me.

3rd day in the morning,i've been to 'Pasar Filipine' filipinos Market as local said cez most of the trader there are filipines.i had coconut drink,then shopping fr some pearl&REAL honey for my troat!heheheheh...

Later in the afternoon...auntie treat me with FREE Haircolour service & haircut.What a bless...a moment that i waiting for...just after the salon work done,im rush to Padang Merdeka(the concert held) to sound check.It's not just sound check,but when ppl there like so many...i've been like do the real show for them.different is just wearing simple t-shirt & jeans rather nice outfite r real show.even that night im suffer frm troat problem...can't sing well & can't sing d high pitch...AWhhhh!!!i just go back to the hotel&have a long rest(sleep) to recover my 'illness'.

d show day(31st Dec2008).fm 8 PM d car had fetch us(Ayu Mentor&Dior-as we d only from KL artist for that night)to d concert vanue.aDI dbkk Arrange our show time were at the end&for the d last for the best...hehe.

i've been honourd to have that kind of arrangement.DBKK treat me well also as the organizer.

on the countdown,all of performers have to sing lets get loud&Final Countdown.i dont really sing with mic as i should keep my vocal in minimum use cez have to sing after that.

Dato bandar DBKK join us for the countdown & MERIAH that night!

just after the countdown done,as Dato Bandar&her wife goes back to their seat located in front of the stage...a bit far actually...d MC announce my name..'Dipersilakan....DIOR'.im shock...oh...that fast.

ok then,i give my all out for Yang Sedang-Sedang, Sampai Ke Lantai & Ketahuan.My throat doesnt give much problem that night! last,i'm done& i have massive applause frm the audience & they GELEK w' me...Awesome....KK people really supporting!

wanna c my performance...go to this link..

plus Ayu mentor video-goyang inul...
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