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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Dior on Orient Entertainment-TVXQ,SS501,SHINee,Aaron Kwok,JJ Lin

Talking about Orient(China,Korea,Japan).I would say their music are modern towards pop&dance, especially frm Korea. Most Japan & Chinese music still keep blending their pop song & their traditional culture/instrument. I just want to share my favourite w' ya'll. Upper picca is JJ Lin(Lin Jun Ji) ' West Side album 1st know bout him when there's free listening CD player which provide his latest album at Speedy,MidValley.i just simply like the album.until now i listen to his new album & i like ALWAYS ONLINE, so w' other his ballad song.he sing very well in ballad. A LOT of his ballad really nice...u shld believe me.He's frm Singapore,but his singing career in Taiwan.i never listen to any Chinese song for long except Aaron Kwok.but thats happen few years ago after Aaron's album more to mellow song.cez fr me aaron's upbeat song are good.
Nakatsu san!
my fav Kissing scene.

Actually i seldom stick w' drama in VCD,except Little Brittain(Comedy),but this Japanese drama(upper pic) was funny especially NAKATSU!!!hehe.This drama introduce by kakWeina.she said this drama is good&hilarious...yes it is!
SHINee,new KPOP group frm SMentertainment,Korea.Their song really good-AMIGO my favourite.they dance well & they were teenagers!
Aaron Kwok...i like his song started when i see his Fen Xiang Ai vid Clip @ TV3 like 10years ago i think...then i start to search his music & start to like his music & Concert!Chinese concert was so dramatic w' over the top costumes.


My all time KPOP group favourite TVXQ!(whn in China& use widely to all country)/Dongbangshinki(whn in Korea)/Tohoshinki(whn in Japan).i didnt really know them at 1st whn kakweina mad at them...when my visit to china(Guangzhou).i'd bought TVXQ DVD concert mailto:there@BeijingLoo%20(Beijing Street) for Yuen45!!!(RM21).then i enjoy the concert @ Malaysia....not that strong on me,but when MIROTIC song goin crazy on them & search more abt TVXQ&their music.they really good in sing,dance,act&all.its the whole great wonder their fans really crazy abt them.
i like MIROTIC(i even bought MIROTIC japan album in Tokyo),Proud,Purple Line,Sennen Koi Uta&lots more.
my favourite is YUNHO cez h's a good leader.good in talking,act,sing&dance.Jaejoong is fashionista.really hope i can meet them on day or maybe to duet in song!hehe... new Korean favourite.start to know them whn i like UR MAN song&cute choreoghraphy.but i relly think they should stay in 5(stronger than 3person).im talking about vocal & strengh.
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