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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Dior for Malaysian Tourism Board Promotion in Hangzhou,China (28-30thApril2008)

This is not a tour visit actually. I'm invited by Malaysian Tourism board to perform Traditional song & dance at Hangzhou,China to celebrate Air Asia's 1ooth trip to Hangzhou.

This's my 1st visit to the Great land of China actually. It is my dream to make a foot step in China rather than any other country i visited ...means that my dream come true!!!...hehe.


Ajak,Rina&Dior@Hangzhou street

Jalan2 @ Hangzou street

@News stand

waiting for bus?

stay@Ramada Hotel,Hangzhou

Backdrop Hangzou Logo

amusement park.Nice & Clean!

d fountain show every night@ the same park.i think by now they doing another attraction that is theather on the water by Olympic beijing choreoghrapher.

Dior & 1 of auntie there selling frame picture @ Hangzhou night market.

Dior&Ecah @ the street.i have a new hair cut & colour there.cost me 180 yuen(Rm90).

d housing block with plantation field on the front house just like Chateu in France.

@Hangzhou Airport w' Air Asia flight.
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