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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Dior-Family Outing-Movie&Makan2

it's family outing today(sunday feb15).11am we reach Times square to buy film tix.we manage to get d film that we waiting fr...Geng UPIN&IPIN!!!!hha.seriously...its a good movie for malaysian market&'s full house!!!!never see any empty seat that day.gosh!ya'll should c!

after the movie,we drop by to Oldtown coffe on d same level&snap picture here & there.upper pic Dior with Chana -new car by Berjaya's 7 seater,1.3 emaze me...tot wana buy that car.

upper pic onright side,Amy(Sharina's to be hubby),Arinah,my brother daughter,& Sharina my lil sis.

after times square,amy left us cez got work me,my sis follow my brother..AZMI with their family to KG.Pandan's kedai batu to have lunch.

later that night we have Domino's pizza fr our Dinner...story end...
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