Tuesday, February 17, 2009

ALJAR (Al-Jihad Al-Akhbar) making

ALJAR sang by Elfie Hefni...
This month...I'm busy with Elfie Hefni's Song production. i wrote ALJAR (Al-Jihad Al-Akhbar) song & sang by Elfie Hefni...i just call him Hefni(In choc sweater). i would say ALJAR another chronicles of Dior which produce the 'song to dance for' & the song should b deliver with a great & over the top performance...hehe.
ALJAR is a mixture of Zapin,Electro,Dance,Pop,HipHop,Arabic&Malay instrument on the arrangement. Totally NEW Sound of music/nasyid.if u say Dior-Mengharap sinar song is fresh&crispy, so to ALJAR.The lyrics is about....

Al-Jihad Al-Akhbar = The greater Jihad.

  • Struggle against weakness of self
  • Its about how to live and attain piety in a contaminated world
  • To become a better human


  • Composed&Lyric by Dior
  • Sang by Elfi Hefni
  • Music Arrange by Rafikoncept
  • Backup Vocal by Dior&Jasmine(Jangan Lupa Lirik)
  • Release by March/April 2009
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